7 Differences Between Wera vs Wiha Tools Reviews in 2022

Main Differences Between Wera vs Wiha Tools

Weha vs Wera, an unfinished argument that has never been so easy to come to an end. Wera provides an unbeatable collection of screwdrivers with a zero-tolerance policy to their quality. Wiha, on the other hand, has a large number of tools to choose from with a longer grip.

When we compare two products, price is one of the prominent factors to consider. Wera tools are quite expensive compared to Wiha tools. If you are working on a budget, then Wiha can be the better option. However, Wera set is worth every penny.

Wera tools are considered ergonomic and stylish by experts. Wera features their set with a black finish and color-coded sleeves. The Wiha tools’ matte chrome finish and design make it stand out among the rest with great quality. Let begin with a ccomprehensive guide.

Wiha vs Wera Tools Comparison Table

Features unique features from many tools in the market and quality are assured. practical applications in professional-grade. And screw driving performance durability or efficiency of their products, close to zero.

Philips TipYesNo
Warranty1 year to Lifetime1 year to Lifetime
wera tools
Wera 05056491001 Tool-Check Plus Imperial, 39 Pieces

Wiha Tools: 4 Micro Bit 75965-WIH

Wiha tools set
System 4 Micro Bit, 72 Tooth Ratchet

About Wera Tools

Wera set is the leading global manufacturer of different hand tools, including ratchets, screwdrivers and screwdriver bits,precision drivers, nut-spinners, L-keys, ratchets, and sockets. It originated from Wera Werk Hermann Werner, the famous tool manufacturer in Germany which is iso certified. Although they manufacture tools for industrial and professional purposes, Wera is also the solution for numerous screw connection issues. Other than screw drivers, Wera also provides nut-spinners, L-keys, ratchets, and sockets.

Wiha Tools Reviews

In the Wiha tools review, I will take you through every single detail and specifications. First of all, let’s talk about efficiency. Wiha tools made to last long while providing maximum efficiency and therefore provide the best screwdrivers for which are essential for mechanics.

They stand the test of time. Wiha set has inbuilt features to ensure the safety of the user. Their durability and safety features are what make their screwdrivers best for mechanics.

Wiha precision screwdrivers review:

Wiha screwdriver reviews will stun you for their quality and unique design. Wiha has numerous screwdrivers categories, from SoftFinish CushionGrip screwdrivers, wiha Precision screwdrivers, to Power Handle screwdrivers. What makes them so good is that they are easy to use. From a professional to a beginner, Wiha is the answer to everyone’s tool problem.

Wiha 7 Piece Insulated Industrial Pliers/Cutters/Drivers Belt Set
Insulated Industrial Pliers/Cutters & Screwdriver Set, 7 Piece. Includes: 8.0″ Combination Pliers, 6.3″ Long Nose, 6.3″

Wiha vs Wera precision screwdrivers

Wera is one of the top german screwdriver brands. Wera precision screwdrivers are ergonomic. This makes them perfect in terms of a comfortable grip.

But for most of their items, their Picofinish handles are a bit smaller, which makes it a bit uncomfortable at times. In simple words it is time consuming.

The Wiha precision Screwdriver creates improved torque, making it a better choice for harder and stricter kinds of mechanical jobs.

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Tools Manufactured by Wiha

There are mainly 3 types of tools produced by Wiha. Screwdrivers, Multi-Drivers, and Insulated Tools. Tools that are manufactured by Wiha are given below of this wiha tool review.


  • Multi-Bit
  • SoftFinish Cushion Grip
  • Nut Drivers
  • Wiha precision drivers
  • Wiha Precision Screwdrivers
  • 3k Series Screwdrivers
  • Pico Finish Precision Screwdrivers
  • System 6-Drive Loc Adjustable Length Screwdrivers
  • Micro screwdrivers Finish Non-Slip Grip Drivers
  • Proturn and Powerhandle Screwdrivers


  • SoftFinish Multi-Drivers 11in1
  • SoftFinish Multi-Drivers 6in1
  • Conduit Reamer

Insulated Tools:

  • Insulated Electrical Tool Kit
  • Insulated Screwdrivers
  • Insulated Pliers and Cutters
  • Insulated SlimLine Tools
  • Insulated Sockets
  • Insulated Wrenches
  • Insulated Electricians Tools
  • Insulated T-Handles
  • Insulated L-Keys


Wiha makes tools with lifetime longevity. Usually, it doesn’t even bend a bit after years of usage. Wiha makes tools for professionals, so they always focus on the quality materials for their tools.

Wiha’s steel is RC 50/60, and their insulated handles can pass through around 10000v AC without any damage, which ensures safety for professionals. They are well-known for their precision quality screwdrivers. People always get the quality they pay for after purchasing from Wiha Tools.

Uses and application of Wiha Tools

Wiha makes tools for both professionals and hobbyists to make sure their working time is fruitful. Professionals use these tools for most demanding environments, such as:

  • Mining Operations
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Oil and Gas landfills
  • Chemical Producers
  • Food Operations
  • Industrial works
  • High-Voltage Electrical Works
  • Factory machinery making and repairing
  • Consumer Electrical works
  • All kind of hand tool works

Pros of Wiha Tools

There are 3500 types of hand tools produced by the Wiha, the right tool. Their tools are made of RC 50/60 steel. Wiha tips ensures the quality that not be worn out even after years of usage.

Also, their handles of the tools can go through 10000v AC to work well in very high-voltage electrical operations.

The unique hand-grip designs are just perfect for any hand, and it won’t slip away easily no matter how much pressure it was given. Because of its pro uses, Wiha tools are highly appreciated by its users. When a full size driver is taken by hand, it is crucial that it could reduce fatigue and increase control for better and bearable work, which Wiha tools can ensure.

Cons of Wiha Tools

To be honest, It is almost impossible to find any cons in Wiha tools as their makers test these tools against all the mishaps that can happen during any operations. However, nothing can be 100% perfect.

More than 3500 hand tools are available in the market, which makes it hard to find the correct tools for everyone. Also, the products are a bit too pricey for regular users.

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Wera hand tools, including the Wera ratchet screwdriver,wera screwdriver set, are the best production by this German company. Let’s dive a little deep.

Types of Tools Manufactured

There are so many variations when it comes to the tools manufactured by Weha Tools. Those are given below:


  • Series KraftForm Screwdrivers stainless steel
  • KraftForm Plus- Series 900
  • KraftForm Plus- Series 300
  • KraftForm Comfort
  • Wooden Handle Series
  • Accessories, wera drivers
  • Series KraftForm Micro screwdrivers
  • Flag Driver Series
  • Series 400 T-Handle
  • ESD series

Tools for Electricians:

  • Series KraftForm Screwdrivers stainless steel VDE
  • KraftForm Plus- Series 100 VDE
  • KraftForm Kompakt Turbo VDE
  • KraftForm Comfort VDE
  • Zyklop VDE Ratchets and Accessories

Insulated Torque Tools:

  • Series Torque-Indicators for Electrician

Zyklop Ratchets and Accessories:

  • The Zyklop Ratchets
  • Koloss
  • Zyklop Mini


  • 6000 Joker Ratchet spanners Combination Wrenches
  • 6001 Joker Switch Ratcheting Combination Wrenches with Switch Lever
  • 6002 Joker Double Open-ended wrenches
  • 6003 Joker Combination Wrench Open-end with Return Angle of just 15
  • 6004 Joker Self-setting, Adjustable spanner


  • L-Keys for Hexagon Socket Screws
  • L-Keys for TORX Screws
  • Off-set Screwdrivers

KraftForm Kompakt:

  • KraftForm Kompakt User-Specific Sets
  • KraftForm Kompakt Stubby with KraftForm bit-holding Stubby Screwdrivers
  • KraftForm Kompakt Turbo
  • KraftForm Kompakt 10,12
  • KraftForm Kompakt 20, 22, 25, 26, 28
  • KraftForm Kompakt 40, 41
  • KraftForm Kompakt 50
  • KraftForm Kompakt 60, 62

Bits, Holders, Adaptors:

  • The range of Bits
  • Holders, Adapters, Connectors
  • Bit sets

Torque Tools:

  • Series Torque Indicators
  • Series Click-Torque wrenches – adjustable Torque wrenches
  • Series Insert Tools

Wera Tools Uses

Wera tools are basically used by Professionals such as Electricians, Industrial builders, Mechanics. Like Wiha tools, there are lots of uses of Wera tools also. Wera tools can be used for both manual and power applications. Some of them are given below.

  • Mining Operations
  • Food Production works
  • Industrial Machine making and repairing
  • Mechanical works
  • Garment manufacturing
  • Chemical productions
  • Manual applications
  • Power applications

Pros of the Wera Tools

Wera makes both manual and power applications tools. They have more than 3000 varieties of tools on their official website. It gives a life-time warranty against all the odds. They have versatile designs in their ratchets, which is highly praised among professionals. Their tools perform consistently at a superior level.

Cons of the Wera Tools

As a popular tools brand, Wera tools are quite over pricey for some people. Like Wiha tools, Wera tools also have quite a wide range of variety in their tools, confusing people to find the exact tools they need. People sometimes complained about the cases they use to protect their tools.

Origin and History

Wera tools were founded in 1936. Its origin is in Germany. It is a popular name for tool manufacturers. Its headquarters is located in Wuppertal, Germany. All of their tools are manufactured in the Czech Republic. They stand for their slogan “Be A Tool Rebel.”

Wiha vs Wera vs Klein

There are tons of arguments on Wiha vs Wera vs Klein tools. Regardless of all the arguments, experts believe that they produce good quality tools for professionals. However, all of the brands have their own specialty. Klein is the oldest mate in this industry; however, Wiha and Wera are the talks of the town since the ’40s. They are providing unique tools from the beginning.

Founding Year193919361857
Country of OriginGermanyGermanyUSA
Products Line350030003800
Warranty1 year to Lifetime1 year to Lifetime1 year to Lifetime

Wera vs Wiha vs Felo

Wera, Wiha, and Felo, the trio, are the origin of German. However, they produce hand tools all over the horizon. Wiha has the top for its product counts as it produces 3500 different tools. And the Wera and Felo produce, respectively, 3000 and 2000 tools. All of them provide different warranty times for different products.

Founding Year193919361950
Country of OriginGermanyGermanyGermany
Products Line350030002000
Warranty1 year to Lifetime1 year to Lifetime1 year to Lifetime

Wiha vs Klein

Klein is based in the USA, and Wiha is based in Germany. However, the USA market is led by Wiha as it produces more unique designs and top-notch products. Klein, on the other hand, produces quality-ensured tools for professionals.

FAQ on Wiha vs Wera

What is wiha?

Wiha is one of the largest tool manufacturers around the globe with the best german hand tools. And I am sure you already know it after looking through this wera tool review. Wiha was started by Willi Hahn in Wuppertal, Germany in 1939 that made only nuts and bolts. But they kept developing more tools. And now they are producing 3500 different tools for professionals and hobbyists. They have branches in many countries like Poland, Denmark, Spain etc.

What’s better Wera or wiha?

Still ocnfusing on which is better Wiha or Wera? Well, Wera and Wiha are both leading global tool manufacturers. It is a tough job to decide which is better. While Weha has a wide variety of hand tools with top-notch quality, Wiha has unique designs and budget-friendly great performing tools. Therefore, choose the right one according to your budget and needs.

Is Wera a good brand?

Wera is one of the most reliable tools manufacturers around the globe. They have an unbeatable screwdrivers collection. Their ergonomic design makes for a comfortable grip. They follow a zero-tolerance policy for their quality to ensure the best products for their customers. Despite all the war between Wera vs Wiha, Wera is definitely a good brand.

Who makes the best screwdrivers in the world?

There are a number of hand tools producers. Hence when it comes to Screwdrivers, Wera is unbeatable. Their ergonomic and stylish design catches the eye. Their zero-tolerance policy regarding the quality of their products makes them the best in the industry despite all the debate of Wera vs Wiha.

Where is wiha made?

Though Wiha originated in Germany, their tools are made in different regions in the world along with Poland, Denmark, and Spain. As of now it has tons of branches around the world.

Are WERA and WIHA the same company? 

No, Wera and Wiha are not the same company but both of them manufactured their tools in Germany. They differ in terms of quality as well. There is also variation in their types of tools. But their basic concept is similar to each other. Still, they are two different companies producing a variable quality of tools and types of products. 

Are WIHA screwdrivers good? 

Wiha is known for its impeccable quality tools which are also very easy to use for work. Wiha screwdrivers are excellent products. Though the price is a bit expensive still it is justified as they are made of proper tool alloy. They avoid using cheap kinds of stuff in the making of Wiha screwdrivers and keep precision as well in working. Wiha screwdrivers come in a beautiful plastic box. 

Where are wiha wrenches made?

The Wiha quality tools like wrenches are basically made in Germany. However, they have facilities in different countries where their tools are made. They produce the world’s top wrenches with unique designs.

Are wiha tools any good?

Wiha tools are of the best quality. Their durability and safety measures make them the best choice for both professionals and beginners. With their enormous collection of tools, they will be a fine choice. I am also a big fan of it from other brands.

Where are Wera Tools made?

Most of the wera tools are made at their German Headquarters. Named after (Wera Werkzeuge GmbH Formally wera hermann werner). They also have a Factory in Czech Republic. Wera produces more than 3000 tools for different uses.

Where are wiha tools made?

While most Wiha tools are made in Germany, they have facilities around the world. All Wiha tools are produced under strict ISO standards. They forge their pliers and cutters in vietnam to high German standards. The measuring tools are made in Switzerland and sometimes the molding and assembly is done in Poland.



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