How Much is a Muffler Delete: Complete Cost Guide in 2022

Have you decided to delete the default muffler from your vehicle’s exhaust system? Most probably that is why you are here for. Using a muffler delete pipe can significantly boost the noise level of your vehicle. Although this article is mainly about the cost of a muffler delete, we will discuss some related topics along with it to give you a better visual. 

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Muffler Delete Pros and Cons (and Average Cost)

We have surfed a ton of forums to get a clear picture of the price. You are going to need at least $200 to $250 to get the job done. The experts usually charge around $100 to $200 to do the servicing. Stay till the end to get a detailed view of the pricing. 

Check price here for Muffler Replacement/Delete (fits) Ram 1500 5.7 2009-2018 and 2019 

Muffler Replacement/Delete (fits) Ram 1500 5.7 2009-2018 and 2019

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What is a muffler delete? 

Let’s have a clear idea about what a muffler delete is. Muffler delete means removing the default muffler of your vehicle from the exhaust system. You have to remove the silencer too to get every bit and piece of the vibrations. Deleting the muffler will give you an amazing feeling whenever you start the engine. 

muffler delete pipes

However, there are other benefits of deleting a muffler too. You may get improved horsepower and overall improvement in performance by reducing the weight of the vehicle. Even though it is possible to get such benefits without removing the muffler, people consider it a more robust process to remove only the muffler. 

Pros and Cons of a Muffler delete System in Your Car

Before jumping into the removal of the muffler, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of such deletion. There’s a huge chance that you may even change the decision if you have detailed knowledge about what you are going to do. 


  • Aggressive Sound: Most of the time, drivers do it to get an aggressive sound at the start. It’s kind of a show-off thing to do. You may want to show how aggressive your car sounds at the start to the others. The job of the muffler is to silence the sound of the combustion engine. When the muffler is gone, there is nothing to silence the sound. It is easy to understand as a piece of cake!
  • Maximum Horsepower: When you delete or remove the muffler, you do two things at the same time. First, you are removing a part that is responsible for silencing your vehicle’s sound. And the second thing is you are removing a heavy part from your vehicle. As a result, the vehicle will feel handsome and it will be easy for the engine to boost its performance.
  • Cost-Effective: If you consider the output you are getting from a muffler delete, it is always cost-saving. The output you get from spending simply $200 or $250 is amazing. You will get improved performance and aggressive sound at such a cost. 
  • Minimal Weight: We have already mentioned it. Removing the muffler reduces the weight of your vehicle. But how much? To what extent? From our study, we can say you can pretty much reduce the weight of your vehicle by around 25 lbs. That is cool, right? 


  • Legality: The first thing you have to consider while removing the muffler of your vehicle is its legality. In most states, it is strictly illegal to remove the muffler if you intend to drive it on street. Because the state laws do not permit you to interfere with the emission system of your vehicle. 
  • Poor performance output: If you do the installation wrong, chances are you will start facing poor performance output. If you install the delete muffler without a chip, the overall performance of the car will be down and it will start to perform poorly. Because modern vehicles do not allow removing the muffler. 
  • Dirt Buildup: Be careful during the process of the deletion. Regardless of the place where you cut down the muffler, there will be loads of gunk leaking from the muffler. And if you are not careful enough, most probably this gunk will create a problem with the paint of the vehicle. 
  • Bad sound: Yes, we know. This is the last thing you wanted to hear from us. As the sound is one of the key reasons for your muffler delete, it is disappointing to hear. Although you will hear a robust sound at the start, the continuation of the sound may not be good for your ear. And there is a huge chance that your neighbors will not like the sound coming out of your vehicle. 

Muffler delete cost

muffler delete pros and cons

We have already mentioned it earlier. You are going to need around $250 to complete everything. If you go for a costly product, you have to increase your budget too. The expert demand is around $100 if you go for a moderately skilled person. For a highly skilled one, you have to pay more. Let’s have look at the chart below to get an idea of the price for different vehicles.

BMW e90$150
BMW e46$125
GMC Sierra$125
Nissan 350z$175
Golf MK6 GTI$110
Mazda 3$100
Infiniti G35$155
Infiniti G37$200

Mid muffler delete cost

What does mid muffler delete mean anyway? The mid muffler means the small muffler which is situated in the middle of the cat and exhaust system’s mufflers. So, mid muffler delete means deleting this small muffler. What are the benefits of mid muffler delete? Vehicle owners basically do it for having a better experience on sound.

mid muffler

It costs around $50 to $200 depending on the place you live and the vehicle model. The price varies in different States and the shop owners may want to earn some extra if you are not familiar with the parts. It is better if you have a friend or know someone who is an expert in aftermarket shopping.

How much does it cost to straight pipe a car?

According to “whenitruns”, to straight pipe, you are going to need from $1000 to $1500 depending on the place you live and your vehicle’s model. However, if you want to save some, it is better to buy the parts separately and then hire a third-party mechanic to get the job done. Then you will need $200 to $600 for the parts and $100 to $200 for the mechanic.

Straight piping means using a straight pipe as an exhaust. A straight pipe does not include a resonator and muffler. For this reason, you will get more robust sound from the engine as there is nothing to silence or reduce the sound. Usually, sound lovers and racers do this to get heavier sound.

Resonator delete cost

Usually deleting the resonator will not cost you more than $50. But this cost may differ in different locations. And if you need to remove the exhaust too to straight pipe it in order to delete the resonator, you have to pay even more. In that case, you have to think of more than $300 to get the job done.

Owners and drivers get the resonator deleted for a heavier sound. In most cases, they do it for racing purposes to get louder sound and better performance.

Muffler delete shop

Will any shop do a muffler delete for you? Yes, many of them will do the job for you. Basically, they do it along with selling parts so that you feel it reliable to buy the parts from them. It makes them sell more.

However, some of the shops won’t do it and sell the parts either. They will not do it because of the emission laws. If they comply with them and don’t want their shops harassed, this is the right thing to do for them. The shops that will do the muffler delete for you. But in case of any inspection, there is a huge chance that they won’t acknowledge the removal.

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How much is a muffler delete challenger?

For Dodge Challenger / Charger (2006-2020) 2.25″ Exhaust need 50$ plus

How much does a mid muffler delete cost on a Dodge Charger?

You have to spend between $50-200$ as your kit required.


How much is it to remove a muffler?

To remove a muffler, you will have to pay $50 to $250 depending on the location and vehicle model. If you do it in the shops, chances are they will do it as a package. However, the parts only don’t cost that much. And if you have a known mechanic or you are a great one, you can save some bucks here.

Is a muffler delete worth it?

It depends on the cause. If you intend to use it on street, the answer is no. In every inspection, you will fail. Otherwise, for racing purposes and off-street use, it is totally worth deleting the muffler. You will get heavier noise and better overall performance by deleting the muffler.

Can a muffler delete ruin your car?

In short, no. If you consider the muffler’s function, deleting won’t do any major harm to your vehicle. The vehicle won’t be able to produce silenced sound any longer because of the muffler delete. Otherwise, everything will be fine.

Does a muffler delete affect gas mileage?

Let’s answer a simple question. Is there any relation between the muffler and gas mileage? Or how does a muffler affect the engine’s performance? The job of a muffler is to just silence the sound coming from the exhaust system. That means if you remove it, there won’t be anything to silence the car. That’s it. The muffler delete does not affect gas mileage in any way if you want the answer for research purposes.

Are muffler delete illegal?

Yes, they are. Most of the States do not allow interfering with the emission system of a vehicle. If you delete the muffler, that means you are removing a part from the exhaust system. That is why it is illegal. And in addition, it will increase the sound and create noise pollution in the street. However, the States permit doing it if it is only intended for off-road use.


Deleting the muffler is mainly beneficial for having an increased sound from the vehicle. In some cases, you may even get a slight horsepower improvement. But that is not a huge factor to make a decision. Besides, you have to keep it in mind that you have to tackle the laws also as it is not legal to delete the muffler.

You are here to know every bit and piece of information about muffler delete. That is perfectly fine. We appreciate that. But it will be really helpful for you to have a friend if you want to buy or have service from the physical shop. It will save you some bucks. We have tried to present everything we know to help you. If we miss anything, do not forget to comment.

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