How Long Can You Drive On A Tire With Fix A Flat? Everything You Need To Know

It’s no secret that automobiles are not known for their fuel efficiency, but what most drivers don’t know is that the quality of the tires can be one of the biggest factors in gas consumption.

It’s very common knowledge among drivers that punctured, or worn-out tires will cost you money in both gas consumption and mechanics fees. This article will go over how long you can drive with a single Fix-A-Flat tire sealant.

What is a fixed flat?

What is a fixed flat?

Fix a Flat is a go-to solution for flat tires, but how long can you drive on Fix a Flat when using it to fill in the hole?

One of the most popular reasons for using Fix a Flat is that it will allow you to drive an additional 100 miles after installing the product.

The company claims you will experience up to 40% less rolling resistance when driving on Fix a Flat. However, this claim has not been scientifically proven by any independent testing agency.

It should be noted that if your vehicle does have air suspension, then there may be some issues with the system working properly while driving on Fix A Flat.

How Long Can You Drive On A Tire With Fix a Flat?

How Long Can You Drive On A Tire With Fix a Flat?

It can be a frustrating experience when you get a flat tire. Fix-a-flat, also known as “emergency tire inflator,” is designed to provide temporary relief by filling the space in your tire with air.

It is important to only use fix-a-flat when absolutely necessary because it can wear out your tire quickly and even lead to the loss of control of your car.

Fix a Flat recommends replacing the tire if you have been driving on it for more than an hour. If you are unsure about whether or not this applies to you, check your owner’s manual.

How should you be prepared for an emergency repair?

How should you be prepared for an emergency repair?

The best way to determine whether or not you are safe to continue driving is to check the pressure of your tires every time you stop at an intersection or gas station.

If one of your tires feels low, get off the road immediately until you find a place where you can safely change the tire.

You should also keep track of the mileage you have driven since changing the tire. This will help you figure out if you need to take your vehicle into a shop for repairs. 

How long can you drive on a tire to fix a flat before it becomes unsafe to use?

How long can you drive on a tire to fix a flat before it becomes unsafe to use?

A flat tire can be inconvenient at the best of times, but it’s especially dangerous if you have to drive on it for more than a few miles. Blinking hazard lights or smoke of any kind are signs that your tire will not be able to hold up much longer.

However, there are ways to prolong the life of your flat tire with some things found around the house. You could try using an air pump to inflate your tires back to their original pressure. If this is too difficult, then you should consider changing out your old worn-out tire for a new one.


The average tire can go up to about 20,000 miles before wearing down. If you have a tire pressure monitor telltale light on your dashboard and you’re low on air, replacing the air will take just a few minutes and is much cheaper than buying a new tire.

You can also try using Fix-A-Flat or Liquid Tire Sealant to temporarily fix punctures and slow leaks. These solutions, however, are not meant for long-term use.

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