Collinite 476 vs 845: What is the best Collinite Wax in 2023

There are two products that come to mind for car waxing or boat hull cleaning. One is Collinite 476 (higher concentration of natural and synthetic waxes), which is also used on the outside of the space shuttle orbiters.

This product has stood the test of time, which is why it’s still around today; no one has made a better yet affordable marine coating.

Reviewers have stuck to 845 as well which stands up to its claims. Both waxes will last you a long time and both perform according to their expectations.

The 845 is a blend of a high-quality carnauba wax and a crystal micronized ceramic sealant for long-lasting shine and protection against the elements.

Collinite 845 is the highest quality carnauba wax available in the world today. If you demand the best for your car, insist upon Collinite 845! From Fleet vehicles to high-performance race vehicles, the unique qualities of 845 are recommended for all exterior surfaces.

Collinite 476 vs. 845 (which one last longer): Main Differences

Collinite 476Collinite liquid insulator wax 845
TypeWAXLiquid Insulator Wax 
Longevity Lasts for a very longComparatively not long
Ease of useA little bit complicatedEasy
PriceThe cost is a little bit highThe cost is a little low

Collinite 845 Review

how to apply collinite 845

Collinite 845  flagship Liquid Insulator Wax formula is a complete cure for ills affecting clear coats and paints.

Collinite 845 is the first super durable, highly resilient Touring Car Wax. Available in Paste or Liquid form, it has been developed to provide a hard, fast shining durable protection alternative to the traditional Carnauba bras that have become so popular with modern car owners.

It creates a durable bond that exudes gloss, depth, cleanliness…even protection. Surfers first discovered the magic of Collinite 845 on wood decks. Sailors repurposed it for fiberglass hulls.

Now, enthusiasts are using it on classic cars, motorcycles, and even glass surfaces everywhere. Check the link below from where to buy collinite 845.

Collinite Liquid Insulator Wax 845

Whether you’re building a vintage racecar, custom motorcycle, or your next ride, Collinite 845 is the limiting factor. This is the best and last wax you will use for your current project and all future projects.

 It works on everything: fiberglass mat for boats and airplanes, painted steel wheel rims, bare aluminum, chrome and stainless wheel covers, plastic parts; tires; trim; frames; etc…It’s a hard wax that won’t stain or ruin any surface it comes in contact with.

UV resistant formula truly protects all glossy, metalflake, and solid colors from the sun’s damaging rays. 845 is safe for fiberglass gel coat and paint, polished aluminum or chrome!

Automatic self-cleaning formula with the natural release of any over-application. Fast evaporating, quick-drying with a low odor.

FAQ on Collinite 845 wax

How long does Collinite 845 wax last?

How long does Collinite 845 take to cure

You will be delighted with the results when it comes to Collinite 845 wax. This product provides an impressive amount of water repellency, lasting longer than most other car waxes.

That means fewer trips to the car wash in between your regular cleanings. On average, you can expect up to 7 months of protection with regular use.

From experience, we’ve found that application frequency tends to play a larger role in how long your wax will last rather than mileage. The first variable would be whether you chose to apply it weekly or monthly.

Which Collinite wax is best?

The 845 is an ultra wax that is designed for frequent wax users, the 845 will change the way you look at liquid wax. 845 helps prevent oxidation resulting in a finish that will last for months.

Excellent for protecting your vehicle’s paint from the sun’s harmful rays dust, dirt, grime, bugs, stains, road salt.

Is Collinite 845 a sealant?

Is Collinite 845 a wax or sealant

No, Collinite 845 is not a spray sealant. We prefer to think of it as a coating that brings opalescent shine, smooth hand and durability to clear coats, plastics and glass.

It’s an enhanced protection coating, specially formulated to technologically bond to the surface of your car’s finish to create something altogether different.

Not really a sealant. Not quite a polish, but all the protection of both. Yes, Collinite 845 Wax is that good!

How do you use Collinite 845 wax?

Applying to a dry surface, rub evenly until residue remains on surface. Wipe off wax with a microfiber towel.

Collinite 845 is a pure, concentrated wax; it is not a product that contains any cleaners or additives. It’s meant to be used only as a pure protective wax for cars and motorcycles.

Do not apply the wax to wet paint or on top of liquids or cleaners because it will not bond properly to the surface. As with any wax, be sure that the paint’s temperature is between 50-100 degrees F.

Can you use collinite 845 on windshield?

Can you apply Collinite 845 in the sun

Collinite 845 is the ultimate in protection for all things automotive (and more). You can use Collinite 845 on the glass only, but it will make the glass too shiny. You can not use them on windshield Wiper blades, Fiberglass, Chrome, and even Vinyl.

#Collinite 476 Review and Where to Buy Collinite 476

This is a superior Carnauba carnauba wax. This product repels water and lasts longer than any other all natural carnauba waxes. If you want a superior carnauba wax protectant to keep your boat’s shine all year long, look no further.

The Collinite 476 in a paste wax provides incredible paint protection in one easy step. It is the original Paint Sealant, resulting in years of protection in the harshest climates like snow, salt spray, industrial pollution, and more. Apply with ease using your favorite polisher!

Collinite 476 is the ultimate protection for your paintwork. Not only does it have by far the longest-lasting durability of any carnauba wax or paint sealant available, but it also has a nice easy to use formulation.

It quickly leaves a rich, dark finish on your paintwork, as well as on your plastics and trim pieces.

collinite 476 car wax

An all-weather sealant and wax, Collinite 476 is available in a 9-ounce bottle. With this comes a tough shell that not only makes their products tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions but also creates a thick film that holds the UV rays together to protect your car’s finish.

The paint sealant adds a thin, dark coating that lasts for months and months. Plus, a quick wipe of soft cloth can instantly bring back a showroom shine in just seconds!

Collinite 476 will help protect your vehicle while you finish the paint job.

Collinite 476  is a flagship natural Carnauba wax formulated for paint, fiberglass, and gel coat. It’s somewhat soft and easy to apply; it quickly leaves a rich, dark finish that lasts for months and months, making it great for frequent use.

Collinite 476 is a solvent-based formula that was designed by boat owners specifically for automotive protection, but it has also gained favor with car owners.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) tends to leave materials greasy and attracts dust; Collinite 476 leaves nothing behind on the finish or on your hands when you are done rubbing it in.

Nothing compares to Collinite 476 “Double Tough” Paste Wax, bar none. The reason why is that the 476 is pure carnauba wax with no oils, no petroleum distillates, and no solvents.

Including or adding these elements to make it softer or easier to spread makes it an “overall finish wax” not a “final sealant wax”.

A multipurpose wax that is a one-step cleaner, polisher, and sealant Collinite 476 has been around for a long time, but its great protection and easy application make it a great choice for those who want to do as little or as much as possible.

In temperatures of 60°F or above, apply with a polish applicator using circular strokes.

 In cooler weather below 60°F, use a clean lint-free cloth to rub the product over the paint in straight lines from the front of the vehicle to the back and then wipe off with another clean lint-free cloth.

In a heavy-duty world of diminishing time, this wax is an extreme no-brainer. 476 is the perfect blend of power and quiet. The Instant Gloss delivers a deep shine in seconds as it seals and protects any type of fiberglass or paint at hand.

476 can be applied by hand or machine, warm or cold – your choice – but the results are breathtakingly fast!

Collinite 476 is the ultimate paint sealant and Carnauba wax. Available here in a 4-ounce bottle, Collinite 476 can be used on all paints and plastics.

It’s somewhat soft and easy to apply; it quickly leaves a rich, dark finish that lasts for months and months, and then can be refreshed with a quick wipe of a soft cloth! This is the wax that we like to use on cars, Vans, so it has stood up to years of abuse.

Imparts a deep, rich wet-look gloss. Restores a deep luster to convertible tops, boat decks and more! Safe on all automotive paint finishes.

Collinite 476 is a revolutionary, clear hazmat-compliant spray-on coating for many surfaces. This coating is the painstaking result of years of development.

It bonds to all surfaces, self-levels perfectly, and not only provides an extremely hard finish but does so without leaving any kind of film or residue behind.

If you have scratches or oxidation use a rubbing compound before applying Collinite 476 to minimize the appearance of these issues. It has the ability to wet the surface so well that in some cases you can have better cleaning properties than what is in your cleaner!

476 is designed to last and last on all boat types and lengths, and on both fiberglass and gelcoat surfaces! 

FAQ on Collinite 476

How long does Collinite 476 last?

How long does Collinite 476 last

Collinite 476 creates a tough, long lasting, durable finish that will withstand the elements. It can last for up to 7 months, although the average time is 7 to 8 months.

How good is Collinite 476?

Collinite 476 is a hand glaze polish, polish, and protectant. It can be used on all finishing materials including bright aluminum, black chrome, stainless steel, bright brass, and anodized aluminum. Right out of the bottle (if new or unscratched), it will look like a high-gloss clear varnish.

How do you use collinite insulator wax?

You can apply a thin coat after every car wash, or you can use it as a “desert topping” when the car is already fully protected. First, you use Collinite Insulator Wax on clean, cool, dry paint.

If surfaces are cool, waxing is safer than when the surfaces are hot. If the vehicle has not been washed yet for the day, apply Collinite Insulator Wax with a soft Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pad.

A new pad is recommended for each coat of wax to ensure that the microfibers are properly cleaned.

How long does collinite 915 last?

How long does collinite 915 last

Keeps your painted, polished, and clear coated surfaces looking the same as the day they were buffed. Lasts 6 -9 months on average under normal usage conditions.

One year is the typical shelf life for 915. It will last longer, maybe 2 years or more depending on exposure to UV sunlight. Water exposure will also shorten it’s life.

About 845 Company

Made in America since 1947, Collinite 845 is the world’s first instant spray wax. Collinite 845 comes out of the bottle crystal clear, applies with a “wet look”, and wipes off to reveal a rich, dark shine. It is so easy to use – simply spray on and wipe dry.

That’s it. No special equipment is needed – no buffing pad, machine polisher, or special applicator. Guaranteed to last 7 months or 3,000 miles in normal weather conditions! Collinite 845 is the perfect choice for all vehicle owners that enjoy a freshly protected vehicle.

Conclusion on Collinite 476 vs 845

The debate between these two waxes has been around the detailing world for years now. Which one is better, 476 or 845? Is one more durable than the other? Is one easier to apply than the other?

Collinite 476 is a revolutionary, clear hazmat-compliant spray-on coating for many surfaces. This coating is the painstaking result of years of development.

It bonds to all surfaces, self-levels perfectly, and not only provides an extremely hard finish but does so without leaving any kind of film or residue behind.

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