Haynes vs. Chilton | What’s the Best Auto Repair Manual

Either home or garage, automotive books are the bible for repairing your vehicle for sure. Hence which manual is going to be your asset? They are not cheap, though. So, before you are torn out between hundreds of manuals, check out this review of world best-known manuals Chilton and Haynes. 

Both  Chilton and Haynes are quite popular with their ability to serve many manuals for different types of cars and motors etc. Haynes uses its mechanical terms in such a way that the newbies can easily access the information.

Haynes vs. Chilton
Haynes vs. Chilton

On the other hand, Chilton needs a pre-requisite of basic knowledge about mechanical terms of the vehicle or engine parts. The unusual fact is Haynes owned Chilton in 2001.

So, with which you should move to? Go through this Chilton vs. Haynes review to get your one.

The Ultimate Auto Repair Manual Guide: Haynes vs. Chilton





Only available in 2 languages -English and Spanish

Available in 15 different languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and so on.

Founded By

George Buzby, C. A. Musselman, and James Artman

John Haynes

Founding Year



Contact with Mechanics

Haynes doesn’t provide such opportunities.

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Thorough information

Chilton does not provide in-depth guides for general maintenance.

Haynes manuals give the best step-by-step directions.


Chilton Overview

about chilton auto body

Chilton has its old glorified history in the very past and hence covers all the ancient treasures you may need to know. The most exciting fact about Chilton Repair Manual is that it has been circled with so many companies, and at least it is knotted with Haynes for more than almost two decades. Once being king of manuals in 1904, it has been all mechanic’s wishlist for repairing.

Its content is full of elaborated description and diagrams that are needed. The mechanics who are experienced enjoy the Chilton repair manual with great satisfaction.

Chilton Manual

All repair procedures are supported by detailed specifications, exploded views, and photographs.

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Chilton Manual Review

A massive collection of manuals and training materials is one of the most significant features why you need a Chilton manual for smooth communication with your car.

The procedure specification for every model car is another reason why Chilton is better. As they ensure model specification at first, you don’t need to worry about whether you are applying the right technique or not on your car.

Electrical system guides, engine maintenance, overhaul instructions, suspension and steering system, the thermal system of vehicle, fuel, and exhaust system including all the routine maintenance and so on are the parts of the given procedures of Chilton. 

The Chilton repair manual covers a good range of car models. Especially if you are looking for a pre-1960s car model’s repair manual, then it is your bible for repairing.

It is not only suitable for the old models but also for the latest techno cars. Hence all the latest techniques are also injected for the buyer’s betterment.

Chilton Repair Manuals are the best assistance to maintain all by yourself with a descriptive and focused procedure at all levels. your money not going to the garage for tiny matters with these affordable automotive books.Chilton Publishing has been in business since 1904,

  • It contains thousands of repairing tools and techniques.
  • The online community of Chilton has added a reliance Environment to connect the beginners and experts.
  • The diagrammatic illustration is excellent, which expresses the knowledge of depth.

The brand new mechanics won’t find it that much great.

Haynes Overview

Haynes Overview

The England origin Haynes owner’s workshop manuals started its journey in 1960, pretty long years after  Chilton. It became so popular and became renowned as the Haynes Manual. Haynes repair manual always inspires “Do it yourself.” So from the beginning, it has been focusing on DIY methods and procedures with simple tool techniques. This strategy attracted the beginner and gave an excellent history of popularity.

Haynes Manual started with only a book on Austin 7 Special. Later, their adventure went on to thousands of manuals covering automobiles like cars, Motorcycles, and, most importantly, ATVs also.

Haynes Manual

Each Haynes manual is written for the do-it-yourselfer and provides step-by-step instructions based on a complete disassembly of the vehicle.

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Haynes Manual Review

The prior beneficial fact of this book is that it is designed in such a way the mechanics, brand new mechanics to experienced ones. Every topic is presented with so many details.

Secondly, lots of manuals with easy shortcuts and techniques are here as guidance. They are described step by step. Because of this, none have confusion about the procedures. As a result, the appliance gets its accuracy.

Apart from these features, their books on cars, motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs are also published. Moreover, the car manuals are in a way that anyone can comprehend it.

The ones who are not confident of their practical skill, Haynes can be the best and safe guide with assurance.

Haynes’ auto repair manual enhances your relationship with your beloved car or motorcycle. Day by day, you become more knowledgeable about all the issues of your vehicle.

It shows you how and helps your vehicle to get back. Thus you get a marvelous and expected performance from your bike or car.

And last but not least, those who need more illustration, diagram find it pleasant. The Visual is crystal clear so that the reader has no confusion about repairing.

  • Haynes Manuals are widely available everywhere. Availability is a pro point obviously for Haynes manuals.
  • The description style is convenient for this manuals reader, especially the beginners. The step by step description style makes it more accessible and comfortable.
  •  The price is budget worthy compared to the other manuals in the market. It’s cheap.
  • The detailed information is not enough for the industrial garage. They are great for minor repairs but not good for larger ones. 

Chilton Basic Details

Is Chilton the Best Repair Manual?

To whom the mechanical shortcuts are just ABC, Chilton Manual is the best repair manual for them. So you can see there is a division of who is using that. Considering some facts, someone calls it best, and others do not. So the long time mechanics quickly catch out on the summary of these descriptive procedures and function greatly.

In this sense, Chilton is the best repair manual. 

What’s Included in a Chilton Manual?

Chilton Manual includes 12 chapters of procedures. Interestingly the procedures cover the car’s maintenance from A to Z. Wiring diagrams and so many illustrations are included in Chilton.  Now it has an online community to ensure fast access. You can buy either the printed one or online pdf at a cheaper rate. Both are useful to all the mechanics.

Who Should Use a Chilton Manual?

The ones which have basic knowledge about all parts of the engine and cars should use the Chilton manual. The beginners get confused with the detailed information. Moreover, without the basic knowledge, the confusion may disturb the application. That’s why it’s recommended that, gain a basic understanding before you use the Chilton auto repair manual.

Which Chilton Manuals cover car Models?

Chilton Manuals covers almost every model, new or old. Moreover, they provide model-specific procedures, as mentioned before. Here are the car models covered by Chilton. 

  • Toyotas
  • Aud
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Mitsubishi and so on

What Extras Are Offered by Chilton?

The plus point Chilton offers you is their online community. So the purpose of this online community? It helps one to share the experience from the best mechanics to the beginner. Admittedly, it’s something recognizable.

A detailed list of the procedures included in each Chilton manual can be found on the company’s FAQ page. The company also provides on online community for both professional and DIY mechanics

Haynes Overview

Is Haynes the Best Repair Manual?

Haynes manual is widely appreciated worldwide for their combo package services in an acceptable way by any mechanics. In this sense it is the bes,t manual who wants an easy linguistic manual. The Haynes publishing company has been working since 1960 and they made, the excellent car Museum. They provide the manuals as a great asset an excellent brand new mechanics.

What’s Included in a Haynes Manual?

Haynes manuel have all the procedures from bicycles to cars or motorcycles,ATVs. As it is ornamented with step by step description ,that implies a clear influence on the reader’s understanding.

The manuals are in both online and printed version. Additionally, tips and tutorial segment is also included .

Who Should Use a Haynes Manual?

The brand new mechanics should use Haynes manual for all the minor repairs. Nonetheless for larger and complicated repairs it is not that much good . So in brief those who don’t have basic about mechanics and have to minor repairs should use Haynes Manuals.

Which Car Models are Covered by Haynes Manuals?

Haynes manuals cover almost all the automotive make and model. There are 200 model manuals for motorcycles and ATVs. These car models are covered by Haynes :

  • Acura
  • Alfa Romeo 
  • Amc
  • Audi
  • Austin
  • Bedford 
  • BMW
  • Buick 
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Citroen
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Volvo
  • Volkswagen 
  • Vauxhall
  • Triumph Cars
  • Toyota
  • Suzuki 
  • Sunbeam

What Extras Are Offered by Haynes?

Haynes publishing offers free Tips and tutorials in addition to the online and printed manuals. These tips help to solve any problem from motorcycles to cars. You can troubleshoot any basic problem with this free access.

Chilton manual online community:

The ones who want suggestions from experienced ones, then Chilton is here with your solution. They offer Chilton online community where adept mechanics share their experience with brand new mechanics. Haynes Publishing was founded in 1960 in England. Haynes also printed a series of “Practical Lifestyle” manuals on bicycle repairing to “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse”.

haynes vs. Chilton  Reddit Link

Haynes vs Chilton vs alldata 

If none of your requirements meets neither Haynes nor Chilton,you should go with online repair manuals. In this case, Alldata is a great choice. This is a huge library of almost three thousand manuals. Alldata rules over the online manuals from a few years ago.

Everyone goes for only Chilton and Haynes because they only know these two companies. But online there are so many online manuals that are excellent and provide so many strategies. However both Haynes and chilton have online manuals ,but in the comparison alldata is better in the online sector.

Haynes Vs Chilton Vs Clymer 

By paying a certain amount you can have a lifetime membership for online manuals of Haynes and Chilton. Another option is to be enlightened is the Clymer manual. So what is the Clymer Repair manual?

Clymer repair manual is a manual based on power sport vehicles, named after the author Floyd Clymer. All the terrain vehicles, personal watercraft, motorcycles, etc are covered by the Clymer repair manual. They published several books for the small engines and leaf blower like equipment. Basically they enhance the do it yourself, enthusiasts. This repair manual is recommended, especially for racing cars and motorcycles.

Which repair manual is better Chilton or Haynes – Chilton vs. Haynes manuals

There is no obvious answer. It varies on the person’s choice. Someone uses Chilton and Haynes. However, I would recommend having both. Because they have different information and different techniques. A complete book will acquire a complete knowledge package, Haynes is the best for the brand new mechanics and Chilton for the adept ones.   Chilton brand was sold to Haynes publishing in 2001.

FAQ on Difference Between Haynes and Chilton

Do Haynes still do manuals?

Yes. They do. Besides publishing printed manuals, they also provide online versions of these automotive books with illustration diagrams and digital pictures.

What happened to Haynes Manuals?

The author, John Haynes , died in February 2019. However, Haynes company imprinted Clymer from penton media in 2013. In 2020,the technical data company of TowerBook named Infopro Digital acquired Hynes. So in a nutshell, what happened to Haynes is it is owned by another company at present.

How can I get free repair manuals?

  1. Go to any websites which offer free repair manuals such as autozone.com, ManualsLib, Manuals online, Scribd, and so on.
  2. Create a free account.
  3. Search for the vehicle you need to repair and have access. Here you go!

Do Haynes manuals have part numbers?

The Haynes manuals have a series of manuals. These series are numbered by section. All the content refers to sections. In every page there are numbers which are not the page number rather indicate the section number.

Who makes the best car repair manuals?

There are so many manuals which meet all the requirements by offline and online. Here are given the best sites of auto repair manuals 

  • ALLDATAdiy.com
  • Chilton
  • Haynes
  • Workshop Manuals
  • Autozone
  • iFixit
  • AutoMD
  • Mitchell1DIY etc.

Do Chilton manuals have wiring diagrams?

Of course, they do. Chilton manuals have so many wiring diagrams for their reader to understand things better. Diagrams are attached to every procedure if they are needed. As the wiring diagram implies all the circuits connected to power and signal, they are very important. This manual will help you to recognize any breakdown because of the circuit by these wiring diagrams.

Final Thought

Which is better, Haynes, or Clymer?

Well, people consider Clymer better over Haynes. By the way, Haynes owned Clymer in the year 2013. There are some discomforts with the procedures in the Haynes manuals. Factually, these are cleared out by the Clymer repair manuals. There is an online community to decide better.

Is Chilton or Haynes better?

Chilton vs. Haynes is a debate ongoing for many years. The person’s perspective determines which is better for him. For small repairings of the cars or motorcycles, the Haynes auto repair manual is a better choice. On the contrary, Chilton is acknowledged as better by the mechanics who solve the complicated issues for all the car models. Chilton began their journey in 1904, and so the car models which are not manufactured now can easily be repaired by this manual. As mentioned before, Haynes will help to fix all the small repairings for modern manufacturing model cars.

Are Haynes manuals worth it?

Obviously  Haynes manual is worth money. All the procedures with an excellent presentation are here at a cheaper rate. So purchasing these automotive books won’t waste your money either time.

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