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LQ9 vs LQ4

LQ9 vs LQ4

The difference between the LQ9 & the LQ4 pistons (Answered) The main difference between the LQ4 and the LQ9 engine is the pistons and LQ9 have high static compression ratio. Except for this component, the engines are quite similar to each other. The piston of LQ4 is dished but it is flat in the LQ9 …

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6.4 Hemi Problems

Ram 6.4 Hemi Problems & How to Fix Them Nothing is perfect in this world. Especially man-made things. Our beloved RAM 6.4 Hemi is no exception to this obvious rule. 6.4L Hemi is one of the most dependable engines out there if you consider longevity. This engine offers some amazing numbers to impress you at …

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Symptoms of Wrong Power Valve

The value of the power valve- too small or too big, both is bad and in other words- wrong. How will you know that the power valve is wrong? Your vehicle will show some symptoms, obviously.  In this article, we are going to show you the symptoms so that you know the moment these symptoms …

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Symptoms of Bad Shocks Absorbers

Symptoms of Bad Shocks Absorbers

Symptoms of Bad Shocks Absorbers (Answered ) Having an uncomfortable ride with your vehicle? Maybe the safe-driving troops are not working properly. Yes, we are talking about your vehicle’s shock absorbers. The shocks are there to maintain a safe drive for you. If you are experiencing an uncomfortable ride, most probably the shocks are not …

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