Cold Galvanizing Spray vs Weld Thru Primer for Prevent Rust?

Weld through Primer Spray vs Cold Galvanizing (Answered)

Weld thru primer is used on bare metal to keep your welding or welding material corrosion or rust-free. The cold galvanizing spray uses 92-95% zinc to create a mixture with the corrosion-creating particles. That 95% zinc is capable of protecting the fresh metal (steel) to help prevent rust. 

Is weld through primer any good?

Let me ask you a question first. What is the biggest enemy of the welding you have done or going to do? We think it is the corrosion of the welding material. If that is your fear too, you are at the right place. Weld through primer may be the best possible solution out there for you. 

Weld through Primer vs Cold Galvanizing

This product is no gimmick, by any means. You can totally trust this one. Almost every manufacturer’s product will get the job done for you. Except for the ones that you will buy from some cheap market. Hope that answers your question. Yes, weld through primer is good for your welding. 

Are you looking for weld through primer in the market that prevents recurrent corrosion?

Is weld through primer necessary?

To answer this question we have to let you know a quick fact. What is the job of a weld through primer? This product ensures the protection of welding or the material used for welding. We are quite sure that you want the best possible life for your welding. If that is the case, you need to ensure the protection of such welding. 

Now coming to the question. The necessity depends upon you. If you can ensure the protection of the welding from corrosion or rust in some other way, it is completely okay. But we assure you that weld through primer is a really handy pick to ensure the protection of welding. 

What is weld through primer?

Okay, let’s explain it simply. Weld through primer is a kind of product that is zinc-based (or in some rare cases- copper-based). You can use this product before the actual welding process. The primary function of this product is to keep your welding or welding material corrosion or rust-free. 

How are you going to do that? You can simply use the weld through primer to achieve this goal. Welding joints may become vulnerable if you fail to protect the joint. What will happen then? Everything you do for the welding will go in vain. Do you want that to happen? We think not. That’s where the weld through primer comes into play. 

What is weld through primer used for?

As we have mentioned before, the primary function of this product is to protect the welding or welding material. Weld through primer first came to the action when welding was vulnerable and less durable. What can you do with this weld through primer? 

This zinc-based product will remain on the material or welding surfaces and make sure that corrosion or rust does not appear. What will that do to your welding? Well, if there is nothing to interfere with the welding, will it be contaminated? Or vulnerable? No, the welding will be very strong and remain durable for a long time. 

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Seymour 20-1675 PBE Self Etching

Seymour 20-1675 PBE Professional Primer, Self Etching

Should I use weld through primer?

It is totally up to you whether you want to use this method or any other to ensure protection. But if you want our suggestion, yes, you should use weld through primer. It will benefit you by giving protection to the welding. 

You can use this product at different times. First, you can use this one before starting the welding. But before using this product, make sure you clean the base materials first. That will help the welding to become cleaner. You can use this product after the welding process too, to add an extra layer of protection. 

How to use weld through primer

Weld through primer copper or zinc

If you want to know what is weld through primer made of, we say it is made of zinc. Well, there are some rare copper-based products available too. But we don’t take an exception as an example, do we? 

Or, if you want to know which one is better for you. Our answer still goes to the zinc-based one. The zinc-based ones are pretty much available in the market, least to say. 

What is cold Galvanizing?

We can simply say this name is kind of a misnomer. Because what you do in the process of ‘cold galvanizing’ does not match with the name that much. Hot-dip galvanizing and cold galvanizing are two of the names you will hear the most in the cathodic protection area. 

Cold galvanizing is merely a painting method. In this method, you are going to use 92-95% zinc to paint mainly steels. What this zinc actually does in this method is to create a mixture with the corrosion-creating particles. In this way, you will be able to create a mixture with the 95% zinc that is capable of protecting the fresh metal (steel). 

Rust-oleum cold galvanizing compound review

rust-oleum cold galvanizing compound review

Cold galvanizing process

You can use this process to protect the metal. Mostly, professionals use this process to protect steel from corrosion. 95% of metallic zinc will ensure the protection of the metal creating a bond with dust-creating particles. 

Some professionals don’t even agree to call this process ‘cold galvanizing’. Rather, they like to call it simply a painting method. Well, there is a logic behind their demand. You are actually going to paint the metal you are intending to protect from corrosion or dust. In this case, you are going to do that with 95% of metallic zinc. It is the only difference. 

Cold galvanizing compound

The product or material you will use in the cold galvanizing process is a cold galvanizing compound. In simpler words, 95% of metallic zinc is the compound here. You can spray this compound into any kind of steel. And leave the rest up to the compound. It will work like magic. 

However, do not expect any result like the likes of hot-dip galvanizing from this compound. Even though it creates cathodic protection, it is way less than that of hot-dip galvanizing. 

Can you weld through cold galv?

The purpose of cold galvanizing is to provide safety or protection to steel materials. You will not find any mentions about it as a welder. You are just creating a zinc layer above the materials while using the compound. That is the case here. 

Welding or using it as a protection for welding is a lot more different than just using the compound as a protective layer in a metal. You know what we are trying to say. You can’t weld through cold galvanizing or anything like this. 

Wait. There is a way you can do this. You have to use a respirator and there should be enough ventilation. Then manage some cans of primers marked as a weld through primer. You know how to do the rest. 

Does Cold galv stop rusting?

The only reason you will use the cold galvanizing compound is to provide protection to metals. The compound will create a protective layer with the rich zinc it is using. Not only that, it will create cathodic protection even though it seems a little bit weaker than that of hot-dip galvanizing. 

As a result, it will stop the metal from rusting. So, yes. Cold galvanizing stops rusting as long as you do the things right. But if you do something crazy that you don’t understand, it won’t end well. 

Is cold galvanizing compound the same as a weld through primer?

In simpler terms, no. It is not the same. The cold galvanizing compound uses almost the same amount of zinc though. When will you use the weld through primer? To provide protection to the welding, right? And when will you use the compound? To protect metals like steel. Do you see the difference? You can’t just use the cold galvanizing spray on bare metal. 

In that case, things will go fire. That is why it is not the same and you can’t use one as a proxy to another. 


Can I weld through galvanized primer?

Even though you can’t use the cold galvanized spray as a proxy to weld through primer, there is something like a combination of both. You can call it a weld-through-cold-galvanized primer. If you use this, yes. You can weld through galvanized primer. 

Should I use weld through primer?

If you can find any good alternative to it, it is your choice. But if you want us to recommend, we will say yes, please. One of the best ways to provide protection to your welding is by using weld through primer. Then, why not? 

Can you weld through cold galv?

You are supposed to use cold galvanizing spray or compound on metal, not on bare metal. There is one bypass of it though. In that case, you have to manage enough ventilation and use a respirator to get the job done. 

Can you weld through Rustoleum cold galvanizing compound?

Rustoleum Cold Galvanizing Compound. This is one of the famous compounds you can use in the cold galvanizing process. When do you use the cold galvanizing compound? To paint with a zinc layer in order to provide protection. But you can weld through the “Rustoleum cold galvanizing compound” too. You have to be extra cautious as zinc is highly toxic and will make you sick within a few seconds. 


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