Best Cold Air Intake for Chevy Silverado 1500 Review in 2022

The air intake kit is an excellent additional part of your vehicle’s engine. It supplies fresh air into your engine that eliminates heat and increases horsepower, gas mileage along torque. However, choosing the best cold air intake for Chevy Silverado can be confusing.

An intake has an air filter that keeps the engine from exterior loose dirt and allows cold air to flow through it. It is easy to install and could be set up with some basic hand tools.

Before we start our hunt to find the best cold air intake for Chevy Silverado 1500 let’s dive into quick comparison.

Quick Comparison: Best Cold Air Intake for Chevy Silverado 1500 Review

K&N 63-3082 Performance Intake Kit
  • Air tube: Polyethylene roto-molded tube
  • Air filter: Cotton Gauge
  • Washable/Reusable: Yes
  • Installation time: 90 minutes
  • Warranty: 1,000,000 Miles/10 Year
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aFe Power Performance Intake System
  • Air box: One housing
  • Air filter: Cotton Gauge
  • Washable/Reusable: Yes
  • Installation time: 1 hour
  • Warranty: 2 years
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S&B Filters 75-5069 Cold Air Intake
  • Air tube: Plastic
  • Air filter: Cotton gauge
  • Washable/Reusable: Yes
  • Installation time: 30 minutes
  • Warranty: Million-Mile Warranty
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AIRAID Cold Air Dam Intake SystemAiraid 202-285 Cold Air Dam Intake System
  • Air box: One housing
  • Air filter: AIRAID premium air filter
  • Washable/Reusable: Yes
  • Installation time: 50 minutes
  • Warranty: Life time
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Volant 15553 Pro 5 Filter Air Intake System
  • Air tube: Polyethylene
  • Air filter: Cotton Gauge
  • Washable/Reusable: Yes
  • Installation time: Less than 60 minutes
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
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Spectre Performance 9006 Air Intake Kit
  • Air tube: Aluminum
  • Air filter: Non-woven Synthetic
  • Washable/Reusable: Yes
  • Installation time: 40 minutes
  • Warranty: 90 Days
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6 Best Cold Air Intake for Chevy Silverado 1500 review in 2022

1. K&N 63-3082 Intake Kit

K&N 63-3082 is the best cold air intake for Silverado 1500.  This 2015 Silverado adds 10.68 horsepower and 5341 RPM. Therefore, the reusable air filter is sure to run up to 100,000 miles without any maintenance. Read K&N air-changer 63-3082 details.

K&N produces high end products for 6.0 Vortec with a high density polyethylene pipe that maximizes the air flow rate. The increased flow rate makes the engine perform and sound better. Besides, the bolt system makes the installation process a piece of cake.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy

  1. An additional 10.68 horsepower with 5341 RPM from the air intake elevates your engine performance. This makes your truck growl than ever.
  2. The high-density polyethylene intake tube does an excellent job of increasing the airflow for the engine. Therefore, it gets more oxygen that helps it to perform better.
  3. The cotton gauze cone shaped air filter can go up to 100,000 miles without any need of a wash. That gives you relief from any maintenance.
  4. This silverado intake requires  less than 90 minutes to attach to the engine. The bolts and mounting system makes your job much easier.

Descriptions and Features

  1. Airflow Performance: K&N 63-3082 has a red polyethylene rotationally-molded tube that’s able to provide increased airflow flow rate as it’s highly dense. It’s a favourable choice for 99 Silverado intake.
  2. The air filter is made from oversized oiled cotton. It can provide uninterrupted service up to 100,000 miles, thus it’s considered as one of the good product.
  3. Installation and Washable Filter: It is a top notch product for GMC sierra 1500 as it is pretty straightforward and simple. This makes your truck growl than ever.  Using the bolts and mounting options, it takes less than 90 minutes to set up. The filter is washable and reusable.
  4. Component material: The intake pipe is made from High-Density Cross-Linked Polyethylene, and cotton gauze is used for the air filter. The clamp material is stainless steel. K&N comes with a warranty of 10- Year/million miles.
  • This model adds 10.68 Horsepower with 5341 RPM to your engine that makes growl louder.
  • The cone-shaped air filter is made from pre-oiled cotton gauze that goes a long way of 100,000 miles.
  • K&N provides high-quality component materials for maximum durability.
  • The installation is pretty simple, and it doesn’t take more than 90 minutes.
  • K&N 2014 silverado is comparatively expensive.
  • The air filter size could be better.

2. aFe Power Momentum GT 54-74104

The aFe Power Momentum GT 54-74104 is one of the most superior Intake models on the market. All of the high-tech components are put together for this intake. You’re ensured with high performance along with added towing strength.

This Intake adds up to 15 lbs torque and 12 Horsepower to your engine. The 5-layered air filter guarantees maximum air supply. One-piece boxed housing qualifies it for the nomination of the great device for Chevy Silverado.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy

  1. 1-Piece housing system results in excellent performance. The air can flow smoothly and support the engine for higher performance.
  2. Cold airflow is ensured with the auxiliary scoop. A urethane plug is also provided in case you need to seal the auxiliary air scoop into the box.
  3. 5 Layered air filter does a great job to sustain the high airflow through the tube to cool down using maximum airflow.
  4. It’s proven that the GT 54-74104 outflows the factory intake system by 35%. It adds 12 horsepower.

Descriptions and Features

Airflow Performance: It increases performance by using the one-piece sealed housing. The engine gets more airflow because of the single housing and puts out higher performance and torque.

It has a five-layer reusable Pro 5R air filter. The cotton gauze filter works flawlessly to ensure the perfect flow of air.

Snap-in lid design: Unique 1 house sealed housing makes it look sophisticated and of high quality. This design makes it a high-performance Intake system.

Installation and Washable Filter: It is washable. All unnecessary components are eliminated on the design; it makes the installation process much more manageable.

Component material: Clamps are made from stainless steel that connects the filter with the airbox. The plastic made rotomolded tube works fine to maintain the airflow.

  • Sealed one housing system is efficient, unique, and adds more power.
  • 5-Layer cotton gauze air filter maximizes the airflow of the engine, and it’s also washable/reusable.
  • High-quality T- bone mounts are used to put the air filter on the air box safely.
  • Only the highly advanced components are put in work for this Intake.
  • Comparatively pricey than others.

3. S&B Filters 75-5069

S&B 76-5069 is a fantastic addition for the 2008  Silverado cold air intake that elevates the horsepower of your truck engine and assists it to put out higher performance. The pipe reduces airflow barriers. The reusable air filter safe from outside dirt.

It doesn’t only make the engine more powerful but also makes it look more dashing using the clear lid design. It became one of the best 5.3 intakes by using extra pleats on the filter that provides excellent airflow. It became one of the best 5.3 intakes by using extra pleats on the filter that provides excellent airflow.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy

  1. This gives more mileage to your vehicle by maintaining the ratio between air and fuel. It significantly increases performance.
  2. The 5.3 Vortec cold air intake has a custom box for dirt and turbulence in the hood. And is secured from any malfunction due to dust.
  3. The cotton gauze air filter is both washable and reusable. It uses a higher number of pleats to provide better airflow and makes it one of the proven quality good product.
  4. The installation process is made more comfortable with the help of an illustration. The mounting option helps to set it up in less than 30 minutes.

Descriptions and Features

  1. Airflow Performance: The Intake tube is cross-linked and specially crafted to reduce airflow restrictions. The pre-oiled filter uses deeper and broader pleats that increases the airflow and turns it a top rated device.
  2. Washable Filter & Installation: The S&B reusable filter protects your precious engine from outside dirt. The mounting system lets you easily attach the filter on the engine.
  3. Snap in lid design: The signature clear lid design allows you to check the air filter at all times. It makes the hood look high-tech.
  1. Component material: The intake tube is made from plastic, and high-quality cotton gauze is used for the filter.
  2. Quantity of Oil and Oil Color: It can contain 150 grams of oil, and the color is red.
  • The cross-linked intake tube eliminates air airflow blocks;
  • The increased number of pleats used on the air filter widens the airflow area.
  • Clear lid design makes the engine look more cool and expensive.
  • Kept safe from loose dirt because of the custom air box.
  • The intake tube is made of plastic.

4. Airaid 202-285 Cold Air Dam Intake System

AIRAID Cold Air Dam Intake System

AIRAID 202-285 counts as the great cold system kit by the users’ opinion. Higher horsepower is a guaranteed. The factory default air intake loses the battle against it.

The roto-molded container supplies fresh cool air to increase motor performance. The dense polyethylene air tube makes the cold air flow thoroughly. It comes with AIRAID’s No Hassle Life-Time Warranty.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy

  1. Single piece airbox design adds to the performance. The engine is offered more horsepower and torque power because of the perfect airflow.
  2. The premium air filter from AIRAID makes the airflow even better.
  3. The installation process is super easy and straightforward. Just mount the bolts accurately and you’re good to go.
  4. It comes with the Hassle-Free Life Time Warranty from AIRAID. So you’ve no worries about the investment.

Descriptions and Features

This kit trumps the default intake by using the one-piece air box that maximizes the airflow to the engine. It adds more horsepower to the engine and elevates the performance.

AIRAID Premium air filter does a magnificent job of balancing the airflow through the tube. Cold and fresh air passes through the filter to go into the engine.

Snap-in lid design: 1- piece air box makes it a sophisticated air box, and it also helps in the performance area. The air flows perfectly and helps the engine to cool down.

Installation and Washable Filter: Installing this is a piece of cake! It’s easily installable using the standard tools.

Component material: The Intake pipe is made from Polyethylene, Stainless steel clamps, Non-woven Synthetic air filter come together to make this high end product of all time.

  • The setup process is very simple, all you need to do is put the bolts on, and that’s it.
  • One-piece air box maximizes engine output by providing cold fresh air.
  • High-quality air tube, premium air filter elevates the performance even more.
  • This silverado intake has a lifetime warranty from the company.
  • Oil is not included in the air filter.

5. Volant 15553 Pro 5 Filter

Volant 15553 is an impressive Vortec air intake that provides superior horsepower and torque compared to the company-designed product. The maximized cooler ambient air eliminates engine heat.

Polyethylene assists the engine by providing more air into it. A Five-layer air filter does an excellent job at maintaining the flow of air. Besides, High-quality components material makes it last much longer.

Reasons to buy:

  1. Enclosed air box offers more horsepower to the engine by providing more air. It also elevates the look of the engine.
  2. Volant 15553 is custom-designed for your vehicle model.
  3. The air tube is made out of polyethylene. A high-quality material that guarantees more airflow through the pipe.
  4. Stainless steel clamps give more strength to the system. It sets the air filter firmly on the engine.


The air tube is made of polyethylene that offers more volume and colder air.

The cotton gauze synthetic air filter provides an impressive performance by ensuring an even flow of cold air.

Snap-in lid design: The enclosed box design gives a sporty look to 2000 Silverado.

Installation and Washable Filter: The installation process requires less than 60 minutes. It is washable/reusable.

Component material: The stainless steel clamps Increase the capacity to bear engine heat.

  • This adds more horsepower and torque to your engine.
  • It’s Customized for 2000 chevy silverado.
  • The enclosed air box offers increased performance and makes it easy to change the filter.
  • The synthetic air filter works perfectly to provide cold, ambient air.
  • High-quality materials are used..
  • Some users have complained about the design.

6. Spectre 9006 – Cheap Air Intake

The Spectre 9006 increases the horsepower and torque and provides an active shield for the engine against dust and debris. The dyno-tested air intake tool provides 50% more airflow from your car engine. Moreover, the washable and reusable air filter is one of the proven air filters on the market.

The Canadian Spectre brand has designed better intake to boost your truck’s performance. It also increases the MPG level in a standard driveway.

Reasons to buy:

  1. This 4.8 vortec intake increases the horsepower and torque that boost up the engine quality. As well as, it saves your fuel and increases the MPG.
  2. It doesn’t take much time to install. Moreover, the installation process is easier.
  3. Warranty is the prime concern when it comes to air intake kits. Surprisingly this provides a lifetime warranty to your loving kits.
  4. The kit is custom-designed to fit into different types of truck or SUVs easily. It’s a great fit for 4.3 vortec


It is proven with the dynamometer test, that the specter provides more than 50% airflow than the stock one. This is an excellent choice if you want superior quality.

The reusable air filter is designed with advanced oiled synthetic technology. It helps the engine to stay damage-free.

Installation and Washable Filter: The installation process is way easier. Besides, the washable filter gives you a smooth execution in the long run.

Component material: kits are made with silicone material. It provides long-lasting productivity as it can handle up to 400F temperature.

: You would have an awesome sound experience as it improves the engine’s sound quality. This also adds a powerful sound to the engine.

Towing experiences: It improves the throttle responses that increase the acceleration and uphill gaining.

Engine protection: Your engine is 100% safe with this kit. It protects the engine from unwanted dust, debris, and harmful contaminants.

  • Increases HorsePower and Torque by 50%.
  • The filter maintenance is no headache, as you can run 10,00,00 miles without cleaning the filter.
  • It can be installed with some basic hand tools.
  • Better Engine sound and throttle response is a guaranteed
  • As it comes with custom design, you need to check first if it’s compatible with your trucks.

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Chevy Silverado 1500 is a wonderful high-performance truck. Most of the time, these vehicles can not provide the expected gaining which they are capable of. The default one supplied under the hood is inadequate supply enough oxygen-rich air to the engine.

cold air intake benefits

Cold air intake advantages

  1. Increase Power: One of the main purposes of spending money on intake is that it brings more oxygen-rich air outside air to the engine. The air-fuel mixture can ignite adequately and increases the engine’s power.
  2. Surge Throttle Response: Without it, you can feel that your car is not performing well. You can contact the slow response from your vehicle, especially in the though path. Adding a intake system can solve the problem. It will increase airflow and combustion in the engine, by doing so you can increase your throttle response. Then you can go wherever you wish without hassle.
  3. Fuel efficiency: It ensures better airflow to the engine, that’s why fuel can burn properly. That may give at least 1-2 extra miles per gallon of fuel.
  4. Increase Engine Service life: Having a intake system under your hood will be a gift to your engine. It ensures proper combustion, less contamination will accumulate in the engine, providing a long service life for your expensive engine.
  5. Easy installation: They are super easy to install with some basic tools and some experience under your belt. Lots of tutorials about these are available and YouTube.

Cold air intake pros and cons details

Factors to consider – Buying Guide in 2022


The filter is one of the vital parts of Silverado cold air intake. You may like to have a washable and reusable filter to clean your filter easily. It will ensure long service and save much penny.


For getting the kits for Silverado you must have a good idea of what’s under your hood. Typical Chevy Silverado has a factory air intake. Just look at your engine space and some details to choose the perfect suit for your vehicle and remember one thing; a wrong Silverado intake can significantly compromise your truck’s execution.


Will you want to regret it after spending a healthy amount on the system? Absolutely not. Before buying, you may like to examine the built quality. Spending a few more bucks for better quality will save a lot in the future. If you get puzzled, do consider taking a look at customer reviews.

Water Resistance:

No one will buy a Chevy Silverado as a showpiece. But you won’t like to invite water in your engine compartment. So before buying you may like to pick the one with a valve. This valve prevents the water from reaching your engine compartment. It’s mandatory when you drive through a rainstorm.


The price of a product is always a key factor for all. Everybody wants to buy a great product at a low price. Above all, kits are not a product of show-off. Though many of us have a tight budget to spend, we should be a bit tricky so that we don’t compromise with quality and execution.

Find the perfect type:

In general, there are three types of systems available in the market. They are different in size and in the act, as well. You may like to choose your best pick among them according to the vehicle you own.

Air Intake Systems Terms

Short Ram system

If you are short in space and looking for a quick boost, you can take short ram cold air intakes for chevy trucks. It takes the same space as a factory air intake. It is super easy to install, and its design takes less fabrication work. Above all, it’s cheap to get.

But it has some shortcomings too. As it replaces the existing intake with a smooth pipe and an open-element air filter, so it permits engine heat to have a short path into the intake system. It provides less horsepower and torque than a cold air intake.

True Cold air intake

If you are looking for a big boost and have money in your pocket, you will like to go for the best system kit. It takes a bit more space in the engine compartment and is quite tricky to install.

It places the air filter as far as possible from the engine compartment. It brings cooler and denser air to the engine. It increases the engine’s combustion and fuel consumption, and it gives more horsepower to the vehicles.

Ram air intake

It is quite similar to the cold air intake, but it has a comparatively long tube and air filter at the back.  If you want to do some racing kinds of stuff, it is the perfect match for you. It works like a turbocharger with less space. It will invite a larger volume of air to the engine compartment that increases combustion in the engine results in more engine power.

For Chevy Silverado trucks having a cold air intake is quite mandatory to have. Factory cold air intake can not deliver the full potential of mighty Chevy engines. It always depends on your usage, workload, and obviously how much you want to spend.

If you have money to spend, you must go for a cold air intake; otherwise, you can consider a short ram intake. It is also capable of providing better throttle response and excellent fuel economy.

Therefore, the reusable Subaru air filter is sure to run up to 100,000 miles without any maintenance

What can be the risks for making use of bad cold air filter

There are some risks when someone continues to use a bad air filter. These are

  1. Dirt in the filter:
  2. Loss of horsepower:
  3. Loss of fuel economy:

Things to avoid when buying a the system kit

Here are some tips to avoid inconvenience.

  1. Don’t get amazed by promotional videos: Usually, intakes kits are not made as a universal fit, so if you look an advert and purchase it without knowing the fit.
  2. Don’t buy anything from unauthorized sellers: In the case of any faulty kit, you may have to exchange the parts or reclaim the money. That’s why don’t fall for any scam, always try to buy from an authorized seller.
  3. Know your ability: Though we always say these are super easy to install, but they need some essential skill. If you don’t know, then don’t try it yourself. Sometimes paying some to an expert saves a lot.

Chevrolet Silverado K&N Kit FIPK 5.3L/6.2L 1500 2014-2018 Installation


What is a cold air intake?

A cold air intake kit is a component that is used to increase airflow to the engine compartment. It drastically enhances the vehicle’s execution by adding more power to the engine, surges up throttle response, and gives some extra mileage.

What does cold air intake do?

The cold air intake is a boost enhancer kit for motorized vehicles. It increases the oxygen-rich outside airflow to the engine, which drastically improves the combustion hence engine power and throttle response.

Do cold air intakes really increase horsepower?

Yes, they do. As they bring oxygen-rich air to the engine, this makes a perfect air-fuel mixture that ensures good combustion and less contamination. Thus an engine can generate more power; eventually, you get more horsepower than before.

What does cold air intake sound like-noise or anything?

They often sound so pleasant, and you may get a fast n furious movie like feel from these. But this can vary from model to model. You also get a silent cold air intake in the market.

How much HP do cold air intakes add?

Cold air intakes obviously add some extra horsepower to the engine. However, all manufacturers don’t specify them. Some of the K&N cold air intakes ensure up to an additional 14 Horsepower to your engine, which’s a lot.

What is the best cold air intake for Ram 1500?

K&N series are supposed to be the best fit for ram 1500

How much does cold air intake cost?

It depends on your vehicles and which intake you are taking. Roughly a cold air intake can cost somewhere from $150 to $500 with an installation fee. But it’s a worthy spend. You will get more power and mileage.

How do I install a cold air intake?

Maximum cold air intake packaging contains a detailed installation manual; you can find video tutorials. It is supposed to be a hassle-free task. But you can always take professional help.

How do I clean a cold air intake?

Nowadays, cold air intakes are built with washable and reusable materials. So with the help of some necessary tools, you can pull the parts are wash them like other parts of the vehicles. However, many manufactures say that you can go fluent for about 100000 miles without any issue.

What are additional ways I can improve performance in my 5.3l vortec engine?

Upgrading the cold air intake is a great way to do it. There are also a number of other ways to get more power out of a 5.3l vortec engine including upgrades to the ignition system, engine management, fuel system, forced induction, and more.

How can I make my 5.7 Hemi faster?

Reducing engine weight can be crucial for adding more power to 5.7 Hemi. You can try to have a lightweight aluminum flywheel that will provide faster engine rev and transfer power to the wheels to make it faster.

Can a cold air intake mess up your engine?

Short answer no. The long answer is possible if you fit the wrong cold air intake system in with your engine, or if you get a faulty intake system, it can mess up your engine. It will sound awful, accumulate so much dust to the engine, and so on.

Do cold air intakes improve fuel mileage?

Definitely, as it increases combustion in the engine and makes a perfect air-fuel mixture for ignition, that ensures more engine efficiency and ends up giving you an extra one to three extra miles per gallon.

Do cold air intakes improve performance?

Obviously, having a cold air intake system under your hood is just awesome. It will bring more and steady airflow that your factory air intake was unable to do. It increases your engine power, throttle response, and gives extra mileage.


These are the Best Cold Air Intake for Chevy Silverado 1500 available on the market. We’ve tried to provide an individual idea for each of them in this review. You may choose any model out of these six, and It’ll give you a satisfying service.

In this review of kits for chevy trucks, we’ve answered the question if it is worth it for you. Let us know your opinion. Have we missed any other model on this list? Inform us by commenting below. We’d love to get your feedback.

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