Top 5 Best Cam for Stock Twin Cam 88 Buyers Guide and Review in 2022

Harley Davidson twin cam 88 engines are top-class engines provided by the Harley Davidson. These engines use two camshafts for intake and exhaust valves so that the engine performs efficiently to increase maximum horsepower and fuel economy. As it is a bit hard to find the best cam for stock twin cam 88, you might confuse yourself getting your desired one.

This article will help you make sure you’re getting the right one for your Harley twin cam 88.

 5 Great Cam for Stock Twin Cam 88 for Harley-Davidson Engine

  1. Twin Cam & Dyna Inner Cam Bearing Installer & Puller
  2. OTC 4847A Harley-Davidson Twin Cam
  3. Harley Davidson TC88 OLDER Inner Cam
  4. OTC 4847A Harley-Davidson Twin Cam
  5. S&S Cycle 509G Gear Drive Touring Cam Kit

Why 203s Are the Best Cam for Twin Cam 88 Harley-Davidson Engine?

203s are the best cam so far for twin cam 88 engines to increase horsepower and fuel economy to use it like a pro. It has so many good features that allow riders to make their ride efficient and harmless. Moreover, it lifts the maximum height that no other camshaft can afford.

Better Compression Ratio: The cam gives a great dynamic compression ratio for efficient performance in the long run.

Exhaust Opening & Closing: If your exhaust valve opens or closes too soon or too late then it might result in increased overlapping. For that, the experienced engineers make the 203s cam with advanced technology so that it opens and closes an appropriate time.

Easy installation and replacement: Twin cams are always complex to upgrade. But here with the 203s, the scenario is totally different. You can easily install the 203s cam without much stress.

The “T” pin: “T” pin is a complex part of a camshaft. The “T” pin of this 203s is designed to insert and pull easily from the collet that saves a lot of time and stress.

Lifting: The lifting performance of this cam is better than any other cam in  any price range.

Intake opening & closing: It’s also an important part of a camshaft. This cam perfectly closes and opens the intake.

Durability: The black oxide coating helps to survive the cam for years. Therefore, you will be tension-free for years.

Quick Comparison: 5 Best cam for stock twin cam 88 in 2022

Twin Cam & Dyna Inner Cam Bearing Installer & Puller
  • Type: Twin cam
  • Warranty: No
  • Design: window
Check Price
OTC 4847A Harley-Davidson Twin Cam
  • Durability: Extra Durable
  • Case Design: Comfortable
  • Pricey: No
Check Price
Harley Davidson TC88 OLDER Inner Cam
  • Kit size: Lightweight and convenient
  • Durability: Extra durable
  • Installation: Very Easy
Check Price
OTC 4847A Harley-Davidson Twin Cam
  • Installation: A bit tricky
  • Supported bearings: 1” and 7/8″.
  • Warranty: 1
Check Price
S&S Cycle 509G Gear Drive Touring Cam Kit
  • Torque performance: Increased
  • Full gasket: Yes
  • Warranty: No
Check Price

Top 5 Best Cam for stock twin cam 88

1. Twin Cam & Dyna Inner Cam Bearing Installer & Puller

One of the revolutionary brands in the automobile business is MBS, and they have introduced a fantastic cam package for the Harley 88. Compatible with TC88, 96, Harley Davidson 103 Engine and 110, it comes with an upgraded and more efficient collet design. No matter if the model is a new one or an old one, it will work correctly with any of them.

An improved installer plate design ensures overall accurate placement. The “T” pin makes it effortless to insert and remove from the collet. It is a complete cam set with all the essentials you would require to fit it in your motorcycle for better riding style. Just check its fitting with your ride to get a better compatibility idea.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy:

  • A complete new design with many essential components to install in your ride.
  • The new upgrades make the installation process more comfortable and time-saving. No more wasting hours on cams anymore.
  • This highly durable and budget-friendly cam set will keep you worry-free for years while providing the service with efficiency.
  • The “T” pin lets you pull and install old and new bearings much more precisely and effortlessly.


Camshaft Type: It is a Twin and Dyna inner cam installer and puller which is compatible with TC88, 96, 103 and 110 engines.

The “T” pin: The “T” pin is designed to insert and pull easily from the collet, which saves a lot of time.

Warranty: The manufacturer provides a free replacement of the product if it includes any manufacturer defect.

Window: This design includes a window to give you visibility access to the bearings so that you can see everything that’s going on inside without having much trouble during bearing installation and removal.

Key features:

Brand: MBS Mfg.

Product weight: 4 pounds.

Model: 4336328023.

ASIN: B07B61N94K.

  • An advantageous and affordable product.
  • New design and upgrades make it more efficient.
  • Free-replacement due to any manufacturing defect.
  • The package doesn’t include an instruction guide.

2. OTC 4847A Harley-Davidson Twin-The Road King

This cam kit from OTC is a pro one in its criteria. It does all the job done without leaving any mark on the crankcase. The bearing puller traps and prevents the bearings from falling, giving it a tight fit.

It goes with bearings of 7/8″ and 1″ ID and is also equivalent to HD-42325-B. The tools for installation are sure to do no harm to the cam, bearing or case and do the job precisely. If you are looking for something like this for your Harley bikes, then this one can be a good under-budget option.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy:

  • An all in one kit! You will find every tool you need to install or remove cams in this very affordable package.
  • It makes the installation and removal process faster with the better fitment of the bearings than many other kits available in the market.
  • Actual money and time saver. It is sure to last for a long time as well as save your time when working with it.


Camshaft Type: This cam kit is made for twin-cams. It will make sure that everything is installed accurately without any loose ends remaining.

Installation and removal: Within ten minutes, you can get everything fixed and fit with the help of this tool kit. Leaving no damage behind, it does what you would expect from a cam installer and remover set.

Case design: No more disorganized tools lingering around the garage. This kit comes in a case with plastic molds that help to keep every tool organized and in one place.

Durability: This kit is designed to provide the fastest installation or removal time while giving much longer durability—no need to worry about any wear and tear for ages.

Key features:

Brand: OTC Tools.

Product weight: 6.75lbs.

Product dimension: 13.01 x 11.81 x 4.74 inches.

Model: 4847A.


  • A big time and money saver.
  • Organized kit layout with plastic molds.
  • Ensures proper installation/removal.
  • Gets you all the tools.
  • The manufacturer doesn’t clarify the warranty policy.

3. Harley Davidson TC88 OLDER Inner Cam

Now, if you are not ready to spend hundreds of bucks but want something durable and extremely handy for your Harley tc88 motorcycle, I got that covered too in our article! This Inner Cam Bearing Installation Tool is designed with keeping your preferences in mind at most. It is Compatible from 1999-2006, it will provide an accurate fit on every attempt.

Also, an instruction guide is given along with the package to help you in case of any trouble during the installation/removal process. Made in the USA, it includes high-quality materials and is coated with black oxide to last up to four years! That is indeed a great deal under only $50 bucks.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy:

  • This cam kit comes under only $50 bucks and gets the job done for what it is designed! It is undoubtedly one of the most significant benefits that come with this kit.
  • TC88’s from 1999-2006 are the ones it is designed for. So, if you own any model of TC’s from the mentioned years, you can definitely go for this product.
  • It gives a perfect fit of the bearings without any hassle, ultimately saving your time and money.


Camshaft Type: Like mentioned above, it is compatible with TC’s from 1999-2006. However, it won’t work with the 2006 Dyna.

Installation and removal: This set is capable of fixing and fitting every bearing issue within moments. Moreover, an installation guide is also provided with the package for your assistance.

Build: It is made in the US with high-quality materials and has been coated with black oxide to save it from any wear and tear for four years. It has also been tested and approved by experienced technicians so that you get the great value out of it.

Key features:

Brand: MBS Manufacturing.

Product weight: 4.87lbs.


Made in: USA.

  • Comes under only $50 bucks.
  • Small kit with powerful efficiency.
  • Ensures long-lasting durability.
  • The package includes an installation guide.
  • Does not work with the 2006 model.

4. OTC 4847A Harley-Davidson Twin-Cam

The Minnesoeta based brand OTC is one of the top in the tools industry. OTC 4847A is another great cam for tc88 Harley touring bikes. It comes with a full package of Cam remover and installer kits.

You can easily make changes in your camshaft without breaking the crankcase with this sweetie tool. You would never need an additional crank locking tool if you have the OTC twin-cam 88. The tool supports both  7/8” and 1”  bearings.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy

  • The extensive bearing puller keeps all the stress away with its awesome performance.
  • It weighs 6.75 lbs, hence, its smoothie grip gives the opportunity to carry it with ease and comfort.
  • All the products of OTC are made in the USA with top and dedicated engineers.
  • It supports a wide range of Harley Twincam engines.


Bearing puller: Imagine you’re breaking your crankcase while changing your cam. That’s a nightmare, right? Well, in that case. OTC gives a good solution with its camshaft set. They provide the best Harley twin-cam 88 with the perfect removing kit.

Damage resistance: The kit is resistant to damages. Therefore, you can install and remove the cam effortlessly.

Press adapter: The press adapter is designed to take a heavy load of pressure.

Supported bearings: It supports different dimensions of bearings such as 1” and 7/8″.

Warranty: It has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. Hence, Every user is satisfied with its durability for years.

Key features

Brand: OTC

Weight:  6.75 lbs

Dimension: 12.75 inches × 4.75 inches × 11.5 inches

Warranty: 1-year

  • Best cam kits for harley 88 with economy price.
  • Top RPM rate
  • Great quality bearing puller with damage resistance.
  • The Press adapter can take huge pressure while changing the cam.
  • Installation instructions are tricky to understand for beginners.

5. S&S Cycle 509G Gear Drive Touring Cam Kit

S&S serving the industry since 1958 with the good service and reliability. Almost each and every user is satisfied with their camshafts. Therefore, S&S Cycle 509G is the top production from them.

It is the perfect Harley engine cam that comes with a sturdy design and installation system. Any beginner can easily install the product without much hassle. Top of that, the max 4500 rpm gives ultimate performance to the engine that’s what all the drivers want.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy

  • It provides efficient torque performance to your twin-cam motor. Therefore you can go thousands of miles without quality falls.
  • The higher cranking compression resist damages to be done.
  • It gives the proper service on the highway road. If you frequently move on highway roads then you should consider it accordingly.
  • Installing S&S harley davidson cams are not complicated. Therefore you can easily install it without any pro’s help.


Intake Duration: Intake opening and closing happen in the same 18 degrees. Therefore, it is faster than any other cam in the market.

Camshaft Type: It supports both touring and cruiser bikes.

Durability: Extremely durable and work fine for years. You don’t have to worry about its longevity. Almost all the users gave good feedback about its longevity and durability.

Build Materials: It is made with top materials and comes with a full gasket set and o-rings to make your journey easy and smooth.

Torque Performance: It improves torque performance incredibly. You will never be better with your twin cam Harley bike when you upgrade with the best cam for 88 twin cam.

Installation: Installing this harley davidson twin cam will make your 88 Harley motor will make a huge difference. Therefore, installing the cam is not that complicated. You can install it on your own.

Key features

Manufacturer: S&S Cycle

Weight: 6.2 pounds

Dimensions: 12 x 9.5 x 5 inches

  • Comes with excellent packaging.
  • Easy to install by self.
  • Manufacturer will change the product for faulty packaging
  • Comes with o-rings and full gaskets.
  • Some users complained it makes extra noises.
  • Some found an extra bump in power.

Looking for camshaft size chart as they are considered as the core component of the engine.  

Moreover, What is the biggest cam for stock 350 Chevrolet engines? And if you need to buy the cam for 5.3 Vortec, then this article is for you.   Choosing the cam for stock 454 might become difficult as you’ve to take into account various aspects. 

Accessory tools for twin cam 88

Well, You already know Harley Davidson bikes are the king of the roads. The king needs his different comforting elements to rule his kingship with pride. Here I am going to discuss some very important tools for your Harley-Davidson engine.

OTC 4846 Tappet Block Alignment Set (Check Price here)

OTC 4846 Tappet Block Alignment Set for Harley-Davidson Big Twin Single Cam Engines

To get the perfect alignment on your Tappet block, you would need an alignment set. And the OTC 8846 is the top brand on twin-cam 88 upgrades. It simply gives the world’s top solution by aligning your Harley Davidson 88’s tappet block perfectly.

OTC 4876 Cam/Crank Locking Tool- (Check Price here)

OTC 4876 Cam/Crank Locking Tool for Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 88/B

A crank locking tool might seem like an ant but it does the elephant-like job. OTC is the top brand in supplying Crank locking tools as they provide long lasting products at a very much reasonable price. The tool is able to lock twin cams just like the tip of a finger. You would love its performance once you have it in your toolkit’s package.

OTC 4849 Cam Chain Tensioner Unloader Tool

OTC 4849 Cam Chain Tensioner Unloader Tool for Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 88s

Why do you need a tensioner unloader tool? Well, that’s an important question when it comes to twin cam Harley. You must need this tool when you are working on your Harley Davidson 88 engines to make sure of unloading the pressure of the chain tensioner. It weighs only 4.8 ounces that is ultra lightweight to carry.

S&S Cycle Chain-Drive Cam Kit

S&amp,S Cycle Chain-Drive Cam Kit 330-0016

S&S providing top-class motor parts for decades now. The Cycle Chain-Drive Cam Kit is another great product for the Harley 88 engine. It provides efficient torque performance and great cranking compression. Moreover, you will get a full 4000RPM in your Harley Davidson bike twin cam 88 engine.

Haynes Manual for twin cam 88 models ’99 to ’03 (Haynes Manuals) (Bk. 2478) Hardcover

Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 88 Models '99 to '03 (Haynes Manuals)

When it comes to learning the servicing for Harley 88 engine upgrades, the first thing you should consider as a beginner is a Haynes manual. Haynes is the ideal book to learn thousands of solutions against thousands of problems.  The 256 pages book has everything covered in what you would need to know as a pro mechanic.

If you’re just a beginner, do not worry about starting reading the Haynes book, it comes with clear pictures of every move that you would need to take to solve the issues. Start reading the book today, and make your first servicing all by yourself within days.

What is twin cam?

Simply put, two cam engines are called twin cam engines! This sort of engine uses two camshafts for better performance and power. All the Harley Davidson bikes that are manufactured from 1998 to 2016 are basically twin-cam engines. Bolt-in torque: Stock compression ratios below 9.7:1

About The Twin Cam 88 Enigne

Andrews cam chart:


Best Cam for Stock Twin Cam 88 Buying Guide in 2022

None of us are ready to waste our money buying fake or second-rank Cam for Stock Twin Cam 88. Therefore before putting an investment to buy Cam for Stock Twin Cam 88, you must have to consider several things to get yourself the best Cam for Stock Twin Cam 88. If you can ensure them all while buying, then it will certainly improve the life of your vehicle by keeping it away from repairing for a very long time. Here are the things that you should take into consideration before buying Cam for Stock Twin Cam 88:

Components Compatibility: 

To make sure that your bike has efficient performance, you have to take care that the cam you are buying is compatible with other components of the engine of your vehicle. It also requires to fit in precisely with the front head design, engine’s compression ratio, and last but not least you need to keep in mind the stroke, valve size, flow characteristics and bore as well. 

Everything should match your bike

 Sometimes people make a mistake by bringing a cam which is way too much or less for their Harley Davidson model. So, the outcome doesn’t satisfy the rider at all. Therefore you need to pick the cam according to your model and the way your ride your bike. You must ensure the HP and torque characteristics of your cam is matching with the labor that your Harley Davidson is capable of delivering.


As per the above-mentioned discussion, a Harley Davidson requires low-end torque. So, a cam with a duration of 220-235 is excellent in producing this torque. 


Harley Davidson is quite a heavy vehicle and therefore it is supposed to get an engine that has low-end torque. The cam you are buying should be able to facilitate this action. 


How much horsepower does a twin cam 88 have? 

The 1450 cc is identical to an 88 cubic inch chunk which is also a twin-cam engine. The twin-cam engine was designed as a Twin Cam 88 which was a lot bigger at 96 cubic inches. The shaft of this particular engine is 3.75 inches whereas the stroke is 4 inches. It can push 80 horsepower at 5200 pm. But you can get 100 horsepower out of an XL1200 Sportster, but this is a very rare case. 

How many miles is a twin cam 88 good for?

A twin-cam 88 engine is good for at least 200,000 miles. But if you can take proper care of the twin cam 88 with replacement, repairing, and maintenance, then it could probably go 500,000 miles. But when your twin cam 88 is abused, then 200,000 is the limit for you. 

Is the twin cam 88 a good motor? 

The twin-cam 88 is a quite reliable motor. If yours has the M&M efficiency on it, then you better leave them alone. They are known to be a bit hokey but leaving them alone can the motor perfectly fine for a longer period. Therefore we can certainly say, twin-cam 88 is a good motor. 

How much horsepower does an 88 cubic inch Harley have? 

Your engine can have different strokes and bore as well as torque rating and horsepower according to the motorcycle the engine is in. An 88 cubic inch has a torque of 82 ft-lb which runs at 3,500 pm. But it can push up to 80 horsepower when it started running at 5,200 rpm. 

What is considered high mileage on a Harley motorcycle? 

Usually, for a sports bike, 25,000 miles can be huge. But Harley Davidson motorcycles are built in a way to last much longer than the usual ones. If you can do good care of your bike with a proper maintenance record, then there will be no sign of oil leaks or damage. Even when your Harley Davidson will provide 40,000-50,000 miles, you can expect that it will still last long. 

Wrapping it up:

Now that you have gone through the best cam for stock twin cam 88 for motorcycles you must make your mind to get the perfect riding style in street. Besides the cam, I have also discussed some essential tools needed to replace and service your bike’s engine.  I wish you a good journey with your Harley 88 performance upgrades.

Don’t forget to let me know which one you’ve selected and how better it performs for you. for more low-end torque:,drive%20will%20feel%20more%20relaxed.


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