How to Convert 350z Soft top to Hardtop: With replacement Cost Idea

Nissan 350z convertible has never stopped to amaze its customer ever since its release. If you are into driving and driving gives you an adrenaline rush, then Nissan 350z is your type by all means. 

It has been designed for passionate drivers with a passion. It gives its drivers an exhilarating experience, and above all, the wind blowing through you makes it something out of this world.

The soft top of Nissan 350z makes you have an adrenaline rush with all promising perform e of enthusiasts, and cherry on top is its bonus of letting you breathe in the fresh air. 

However, whether the rooftop is open or closed, it makes no compromise on the driver’s safety.

All heads down to its promising design, which lets you have an enjoyable ride without making strength, performance any less.

Furthermore, all shocks of poor surfaces add absorbed, making it even more appealing. 

Undoubtedly, Nissan 350z has come even better than ever. It is not strange that it is ruling over the market with its spectacular new features giving passionate drivers a new way to pursue their desires. 

350z soft top

nissan 350z soft top

Nissan 350z model was launched in 2008, and when at the time of its release, it was the best performance car available on the market. It was known as a coupe or a convertible.

It was cheaper than the skyline. It is very appealing to the eye with its OE- style, updated elastic bow straps, heat-sealed Sean’s, and reinforced corners. It acts to shield the interior from heat from seeping in.

The soft top makes your Nissan 350z an open-air sports car. It has a glass rear window that can open and close in about 20 seconds. 

350z soft top replacement cost

350z Soft Top Replacement Cost

A Nissan 350z soft top replacement cost almost $900 to $1500. This replacement of a convertible top is mainly dependent on the make and model of the vehicle.

Can you put a hardtop on a 350Z?

Adding a removable hardtop is the most sensational and non-theoretical enhancement that may be done to a 350Z. All you have to do is lower the convertible top in the normal stance and fasten the hardtop in place.

Is the 350Z a convertible?

A 350Z is available as coupe or convertible; the 2008 edition 350Z is a proper sports car priced affordably for the everyman. Its fairly compact dimensions, sharp but smooth handling make it fun to drive in every condition.

How do you open the soft top on a 350Z?

To open the soft top on a Nissan 350Z properly, even if it is struck following steps should be followed:

First, you have to apply brakes or engage the handbrake.

Then press the head button to release the lock.

Below the staring, on the left side, you can see an. Open/close button, click on it to open it.

Eventually, the windows will come down, and the soft top will open slowly.

Can you make a convertible 350Z into a hardtop?

Well, you cannot wholly turn a soft top into a hardtop. Nonetheless, you can make the soft top into a more rigid one.

However, it will be less rigid than a coupe. But you can add a removable hardtop. It is the same as Honda and Murata have, IIRC. 

Nissan 350z Convertible Top Problems 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the top speed of a Nissan 350Z?

The top speed of the Nissan 350z is 250 KPH. It can travel from 0 – 100 mph in just 18.8s with an estimated maximum acceleration of about five m/s².

2. How do you manually open the top of a 350Z convertible?

350z removable hardtop

To open the soft top of a 350z convertible following steps should be followed:

  • You have to remove the luggage floor trim by removing the rear floor box and luggage floor finisher upper.
  • Then by cutting the storage room finisher from the seat side.
  • Furthermore, you have to unlock the storage lid.
  • Then open the soft top 5th bow and the trunk lid.
  • Finally, open the storage lid and open the soft top right and left side of the vehicle slowly by hand. 

3. How do you pop the trunk on a 350Z?

It may be done in 3 ways 

  • Rubber button between license plate lights located on the exterior of the car
  • Key fob button 
  • There is a manual release pull button positioned under the rear strut bar. 

4. How much is a Nissan 350z convertible?

nissan 350z hardtop convertible

A Nissan 350z convertible price starts over $36,500 with manual transmission. It is for an Enthusiastic base model.

Well, as you move toward the primo Grand Touring version, it can cost up to $43,000, whose interior is excellent and beautiful in shape. 

5. Can you turn a soft-top convertible into a hardtop convertible?

nissan 350z convertible hardtop conversion

Well, you can’t ultimately make a 360 shift from a soft top to a hard one. No, that would be a lie. But yes, you can replace it with a smooth line hardtop.

All you have to do is lower the convertible top at an average position and latch a hardtop in place. You don’t have to remove the convertible top. It would work just fine without doing so. 


By now, you must have a clear image in your head of how the Nissan 350z convertible is better than any car in the market.

 If you have a passion for driving, you cannot find any worthy vehicle on the market to reach your desire. Then you, my friend, are in pure need to try the Nissan 350z soft top.

It offers a full range of performance better than any other and a whiff of fresh air while driving.

How ironic! Nevertheless, if you are a desperate driver and fast drive runs through your blood, you, my friend, give the Nissan 350z soft top a must try cause it’s the only car that meets your demands and wants. Let’s see if it is your cup of tea.

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